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Freedom Is a State of Mind….


Corinne Wacher
Corinne Wacher

Yesterday’s celebration of our nation’s independence from bondage had special meaning for some members of the LGBTQ community.  While last month’s Supreme Court decision, affirming the rights of Same Sex couples to legally marry in all 50 states, punctuated and underscored the notion of personal freedom and liberation for many, some Millennials (folks born early 1980s thru early 2000s) have always felt free.

Tonight, we continue the conversation with beneficiaries of past and current struggles for racial, sexual, economic and gender equality.   26 year old Corinne Wacher, tonight’s guest, is a self-identified and self-actualized lesbian. Corinne is successful by most people’s standards, and, at a young age, she has felt a level of personal empowerment that is enviable.

Corinne and her friends have a keen sense of their roles as “bearers of the torch”.  They share their dreams, concerns and challenges as they purposely light the path just as their grandparents did more than 50 years ago!

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