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A Manual for Developing Humans–Dr. PMH Atwater

Tonight, author, astrologer, and internationally known researcher, PMH Atwater discusses her latest book, A Manual for Developing Humans.  PMH has authored 15 books, written countless magazine articles and she has been a guest on Radio and TV for over 30 years.

PMH has garnered recognition and many awards for her indepth study of more than 4,000 individuals who returned from a physical death experience to a life transformed.

A Manual for Developing Humans is an interactive book, complete with exercises designed to broaden one’s awareness and general outlook regarding the true, eternal, nature of reality. The book was originally written in 1977, on orders from a spiritual guide.  At that time, when she presented the book for peer review, she was advised NOT to publish the manuscript until some point in the future.

PMH will discuss the following: why the current state of affairs is the perfect environment in which to launch the book?  How does one apply knowledge acquired in her Near Death Experience research, and what are the implications for the human race as a whole?

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