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Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times: The Gift of Maybe

Allison Carmen
Allison Carmen

In the process of addressing her own daily cycle of stress and worry,

author Allison Carmen discovered the real culprit was her need to know the outcome

of situations in advance.She was addicted to Certainty.

In her book, The Gift of Maybe, Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times,

Allison, provides insight and empathy into what many mental health experts consider to be

the underlying cause and basis of addictive behavior now rampant in our society.

The Gift of Maybe inspires us to go beyond merely persevering through life’s many

challenges. Instead, she suggests we can find more hope, joy, and success in the

moment with a simple, yet powerful, exercise in which we ” think outside the box”.

There are always many more possible outcomes to any problem, situation, or circumstance

than we can envision while we are feeling stressed and worried!

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