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Self Healing — Natural Vision Training




Host Veronica Faisant in conversation with Self-Healing advocate and

Alternative Treatment Guru, and Natural Vision Trainer, Meir Schneider.

We’re discussing the prevalence

of poor vision caused by eye strain from overuse of computer screens and the

misuse of the muscles of the eyes, and how a series of simple exercises can

dramatically improve a person’s vision, using Natural Vision Training.

You’ve probably noticed the recent dramatic increase in the number of children

needing corrective lenses.

Mr. Schneider was born blind due to congenital cataracts. Before the age of 18,

five unsuccessful surgical proceedures on his eyes further exacerbated his condition.

He was left with massive scar tissue, glaucoma, more cataracts and numerous other

maladies affecting his eyes. Inspite of being pronounced legally blind, he maintained

a dream of having complete vision one day.

As fate would have it, he happened to meet a teenage drop out who taught him the Bates

Method of natural vision eye exercises. After diligently practicing the exercises for 13 hours a day,

for 6 months, he gradually gained vision in both eyes. Now, many decades later, he has

been approved for an unrestricted California driver’s license , and he has been driving most

of his adult life.
Meir has expanded his knowledge beyond the Bates method by developing more

exercises and delving deeper into the body’s natural inclination to heal itself.

Meir is founder and director of the School for Self Healing in San Francisco, where he

provides individual and group classes. He has received numerous awards and international

recognition for his pioneering work in the field of self healing.

Call in with you questions:
(800) 958-9008 (510) 484-4425

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