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When God Winks — Divine Intervention

SQuire Rushnell
SQuire Rushnell


Have you ever experienced an event or personal experience, often identified as a coincidence,

that was so astonishing that it could only have originated from a Divine source?

If your answer is “Yes”, you’ve had, what author SQuire Rushnell calls, a “God Wink”.

Rushnell, a former Television executive, Emmy award winner, inspirational speaker and New York

Times bestselling author coined the phrase to describe what is offen referred to as, “synchronicity”

or “serendipity”. In other words, receiving miraculous help in times of need.

SQuire Rushnell’s When God Winks series of books (over 1 million copies in print) are

first hand accounts from individuals chronicling their own occasions of Divine Interventions!

Join host, Veronica Faisant and phone guest, SQuire Rushnell

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