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Taking the War Out of Our Words

UN-Packing the War Model of Communication

Sharon Strand Ellison, Author and Director of the Institute for Powerful Non-Defensive

Communication, in conversation with host, Veronica Faisant

We have been conditioned to revert to defensive “war-like” tactics .

  “Winning”, and disarming the “victim” is the goal. This power

struggle puts us on a non-stop, downward spiral characterized by feelings of vulnerability

and woundedness.

In her book, Taking the War Out of Our Words, The Art of Powerful Non-Defensive

Communication, Sharon Strand Ellison describes a revolutionary process for:
Eliminating Defensiveness
Liberating Honesty
Building Integrity
Inspiring Compassion
Open and Vulnerable, along with, Honest and Direct communication creates an immediate affect that

restores Peace personal power to all concerned.

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