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Spiritual Transformation on The Pulpit and In Film

Dreya Weber Aeralist, Actor, Writer, Producer
Dreya Weber
Aeralist, Actor, Writer, Producer

Raven’s Touch, an independent film produced by Dreya Weber and Marina Rice, delves into the essence of

human interaction, on a spiritual level, from the inside out.  It’s the story of universal inclusive love which

transforms the lives of a group of individuals.  Dreya Weber discusses her vision, the many challenges she

faced and the importance of this groundbreaking film.

Rob Bell
Rob Bell

Rob Bell is a controversial Author, Pastor, Musician and Motivational Speaker. He made the list of Time

Magazine’s 2011 100 most influential people.  Rob has been criticized, then formally censured by his

Christian counterparts for his disbelief in hell, and for welcoming same sex couple into his congregation.

Rob brings  his one man show, Everything is Spiritual, to San Francisco this week.

Host: Veronica Faisant        Call in to participate in the conversation:  (800) 958-9008


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