The Week Starts Here

Manifestation Week!

Tune in tonight for some MAJOR gear shifting!

Producer/Host Veronica Faisant will lay inspirational ground work, then turn the mic over to you, dear listener, for an “all open phones” show.

Global Upheaval aside, this is an excellent time to remember your cosmic beingness and to affirm one aspect of your unique “cosmic assignment” that you may have temporarily ‘kicked-to-the-curb’.

What is either holding you back, or, in your mind, impeding your process?
–Lack of: Time; Energy; Resources, Faith…?
No matter the reason (excuse), or state of cognitive dissonance, let us direct our collective intention toward manifesting a fantastic week!

Call in to participate in this conversation:
(800) 958-9008 (510) 848-4425

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