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Are You Addicted to Certainty?

Producer/Host Veronica Faisant in conversation with author Allison Carmen.

Author Allison Carmen
Author Allison Carmen

In her new book, The Gift of Maybe– Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times, Allison describes what she considers the needless pain and suffering experienced when individuals fixate on knowing the outcome of situations and circumstances in advance. While setting goals and mapping out plans can are essential to move forward in life, adopting an attitude of “maybe” allows for flexibility and resilience when we are faced with unanticipated events that necessitate a change in plans.

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  • Nina Feldman

    Great show! I’ve never listened to your show before–I mostly just listen to the music shows on KPFA–but I was captivated by this one. I love the concept of “maybe.” It’s so difficult for us in the Western world to realize that life is full of gray areas.

  • dahszil

    I use to be but now that im a sceptic i think i have improved my own life and others. Optimism is a tool, a thin veil, that the shills for our corporate/government use to keep following their laissez faire policies into the Abyss. We become sheep when we need certainty., ….btw, a bit of a digression but i think it important: usually known for his adventure fiction and non fiction and although some what of a “flip flopper” on social and race issues, Jack London( January 12, 1876 – November 22, 1916) also wrote some good socialist leaning books. “The People of the Abyss”, “The Iron Heel”(eerily like today with the amalgamation of corporations with government) and “Revolution, and other Essays”,

    “Revolution, and other Essays”

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