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Who brought what to this Equinox party?!

Cultivating Pragmatic Mysticism

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Ralph WhiteCaroline (plays mini- excerpts of Equinox Talk &) hosts Ralph White, author of
The Jeweled Highway: On the Quest for a Life of Meaning. In 1984 Ralph co-created the New York Open Center, his memoir- spiritual journey of discovery leading to his lifelong dedication to bring an ecological world-view into the collective memosphere.

The Jeweled HighwayThe Jeweled Highway is an important story for our time by a pioneer in a movement whose influence is increasingly apparent from the rise of mindfulness meditation, natural foods, organic agriculture, integrative medicine, green technologies, the study of myth, world spiritual traditions, and the need for contemplative centers in our overworked society. It is a subtle force, often overlooked by mainstream media, but it has widespread and growing influence and runs in parallel with the movement for social and racial justice and equality.
Ralph White is co-founder of the New York Open Center, America’s leading urban center of holistic learning, and the author of the forthcoming memoir, The Jeweled Highway: On the Quest for a Life of Meaning. A writer, traveler, organizer of many international events, and long-time student of esoteric philosophy, he is director of the Art of Dying and Esoteric Quest series of conferences on re-imagining dying in America and the rediscovery of the Western Esoteric Tradition. He has taught at New York University, was program director of Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, and was editor of the award-winning Lapis magazine, winner of the Utne Reader Alternative Press Award 2000. He has been seminal presence at the annual International Gathering of Holistic Centers from which a worldwide network has emerged. A pioneer if the consciousness ‘movement’ for a more holistic, ecological and spiritually awakened culture, he was born in Wales. He lives in New York City.

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