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Sorrow at the suffering from suffocation, at Lake Merritt, and throughout the SF Bay:
Caroline re-hosts Damon Tighe (via Mitch Jesserich) on the catastrophic die-off of most life in Lake Merritt, diagnosis. Tis 80 miles of death, yet what can we do, even in micro way to save some life: a Citizen call to aerate the Lake, and heed the call of this calamity, that connects us to all disasters occasioned by human ignorance and ill manners. Informed Ingenuity with Reverent Manners…


Damon is a naturalist with a 20 year history observing the organisms, and fungi! of Lake Merritt. (where Citizens can also up-load observations.)


“The Lake Merritt Die Off” Interview by Mitch Jeserich of Damon Tighe


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