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The Visionary Activist Show – Redemption lies in Brewing Medicine for Others

Redemption lies in Brewing Medicine for Others

Caroline’s keynote address on Halloween for The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals a global organization of professionals guiding families to divorce peacefully, (without going through the courts).

You can learn more at

‘Twas a most worthy gathering of those dedicated to resolving conflict into collaborative cahooting…

Thanksgiving – not just a colonial hallmark card – but astro timed –
1st Thursday – Jupiter Day after Sun enters Sag – Jupiter’s sign – Jupiter represents the Intelligence of Curiosity, Gratitude,
and Reciprocal Blessing…

Pancha Tantra says among the greatest of wealths is to gather with learned friends: “Better with the learned dwell, even though it be in hell, than with fools roam, palaces that gods call home.”


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