The Visionary Activist Show

The Visionary Activist Show – A Forest Journey Revisited

First show April 20, 2023,
Today, a continuation …

Caroline re-welcomes John Perlin, whose prodigious “A Forest Journey,”  re-published by Patagonia,

is our primary magnetizing pledge incentive for today!
How did we get here?this mega-crisis..
and what shall we do?
Radio Magic…to honor Symbiotic Mutualism…

How can we humbly receive guidance from the forest re community

To protect what we love, become like it, adapt its qualities…
To protect wolves – become more like wolves
Coyotes – Coyote strategy (I have lived with actual Coyote and Wolf Dog, longer than have lived with humans.
They certainly taught me a thing or two…
all a negotiation for reciprocal evolutionary benefit…)
protect water, become as water
protect the forest …

“Retaining our forests can help keep resolve climate crisis protect the integrity of many of our streams and rivers, and continue to provide food and shelter for much of the world’s land animals,” says Perlin, author of four books and former physics professor at University of California, Santa Barbara. “It is my hope that the new edition of A Forest Journey will make clear the imperative humanity faces, because losing our forests would not merely be the end of nature, it could mean the end of us.”
one of Harvard’s “One Hundred Great Books.”

John Perlin is the author of four books: A Golden Thread: 2500 Years of Solar Architecture and Technology; A Forest Journey: A History of Trees and Civilization; From Space to Earth: The Story of Solar Electricity; and Let It Shine: The 6000-Year Story of Solar Energy. Perlin taught physics at University of California, Santa Barbara. He lives in Santa Barbara.
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For truly this dedicated work should be included in all curriculums,
in our on-going task of becoming good earth steward Citizens….

answering Antonio Machado’s query “What have we done with the garden entrusted to us?!”