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The Visionary Activist Show – High John Eve Solstice Syncretizing

Daniel_GiamarioCaroline re-plays some of last week’s kerfuffled broadcast with fellow astro*mytho*colleague Daniel Giamario,

and delineates the guiding sky-earth story of this potent seasonal launch…this eve, when High John the Conqueror, the Trickster Redeemer of the South, and Marie Laveau, the great Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, walk the streets….and we with them…

  • Damiana

    Thanks for the interesting show.

    Why do you call it High John Eve?

  • Gypsy Scholar

    Was it just me, or did anyone else get the impression that the Visionary Activist was irresistibly Venus-Eloquent and dynamic in her role as “Weaver of Content” today?

    I have to confess, not being a student of astrology, I oftentimes have trouble keeping up with her astrological metaphors and how they relate to the political arena—especially when she gets together with another brilliant astrologer colleague, Daniel Giamario (in the short segment with that was pre-empted from last week), and they start talking shop! But it sounds so perfectly applicable to the current political election scene that I just have to trust what is outside of my area of knowledge. And today’s program (with the aforementioned segment added on) was, like last week’s, not to be missed!

    I mean, I don’t know where Caroline’s and Daniel are tuning into in the mythic skies, but, wow, I’m a believer!—in the astro-mytho story as it animates politics into archetypal dimensions and figures. For it seems to me that what Caroline’s “astro-mythic news” has to say to us is that if the political pundits can predict election outcomes by polls (and exit-polls), then surely astro-mytho magicians can divinate such outcomes by polling the archetypes governing these grand social patterns—and the rest of us can “vote for this or that story” in voting for who we want to represent the collective will of The People. Wonderful, my vote is never wasted—even against all odds!

    This profound astrological discussion about the presidential election had sparks of Trickster-lightening flying off in all directions. For myself, I want focus here on one of these directions; on Caroline’s archetypal figures—the Trickster vs the Con Man. Her valuable insight is that “the Con Man is toxic mimic of the Trickster.”

    In the play-off between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Caroline identifies Trump as the archetypal Con Man, and observes that “people want to know how deeply they’re being conned, the way they’re being snookered and bamboozled.” In this presidential election, then, she counsels that we have two choices in voting for two choices: “We either you’re fully conned or you are awakened to the Trickster energy. (And I say that energy is with Bernie!—and it’s not over yet!) Donald Trump, in her astro-logical analysis, is the Con Man as the “Cunning Man.”

    Caroline frames it all as being simply conned as opposed to being fully conned, and asks the great political/electoral question of the day: “Who is really taking people’s desire to be free and conning them?”

    According to the astro-logical analysis of Caroline and Daniel (e.g., Mars energizing American era of Con Man [Elmer Gantry]; Mars in America’s and Trump’s chart; Leo in the charts of Trump and Hillary; Trump’s Mars in Leo; Regulus equals King Trump; Hillary’s Mars in Leo conjunct Pluto and Saturn; Venus cycle and now emerging from the Underworld with Feminine Principle energy), Trump trumps Hillary as the Con Man of this election.

    However, I want to make the argument (in the name of “Underneath everything for all of us is the desire for the exposition and illumination of corruption”), in answer to Caroline’s challenging question here (calling on the reborn Venus energy that can point out the Leo distortions in the chart), that, for all of Trump’s nativist fascism, *it’s actually Hillary Clinton who’s the bigger archetypal Con Man (or Con Woman)*!

    And Caroline herself has encouraged this assessment, since she had pointed out: “So many people have discovered so much of the complex duplicity of Hillary that they just can’t bring themselves to vote for her.” (As a group, they’re officially called “BernieOrBust”.)

    Here’s why I feel this way. Whatever else Trump is, he’s totally *transparent*—what you see is what you get! Anyone with half a brain can see through him. In other words, all of us discerning people on the progressive side of politics know that Trump is what he appears to be—a corpo-fascist bigot! And he doesn’t shy away from or ever disappoint us with his blustering, bullying demagoguery; he’s completely out front with it and proud of it! (Anybody who knows anything about American politics at election time will tell you Trump is “dangerous” megalomaniac—a freaking nightmare!)

    Any professional bigot with enough reactionary demagoguery (with big money and the media behind him) can fool the Republican/Tea Party base (like the Trump ”Birther” folks he galvanized after the election of Obama). But it takes a real pro of a CON MAN not just to con the easily susceptible to conning, but to con the otherwise politically astute and savvy liberals and quasi-progressives—and that’s Hillary Clinton’s dark accomplishment! (On foreign policy, hawkish Hillary has often come out to the right of Trump, such as many calls for going to war in the Mid-East; e.g., “I want the Iranians to know that if I am president, that we will attack Iran… we would be able to totally obliterate them.” See Daily Kos of April 11, “Jimmy Carter: ‘When Clinton was Secretary of State she took very little action to bring about peace’.”)

    Hillary’s deep “duplicity” is that she *appears* to be the Democrat for the people, including feminists, unionists, civil rights leaders, LGBT activists, and etc., but anyone who has carefully reviewed her personal history and political record with an unjaundiced eye discovers that Hillary is CORRUPT through and through! Indeed, she’s the CON WOMAN candidate that has SOLD HER SOUL—lock-stock-and-barrel—to the highest corporate bidder in return for power (hence her undisguised attitude of entitlement to the presidency), and this is where Trump is at least a different kind of candidate; he’s already Mr. Corporate and not a professional politician.

    If anyone doubts my argument here, just let them peruse social media, like Facebook, and see how people who once identified as “liberals” (or even “progressive” on many issues), somehow have come to decide that Hillary is what America needs right now! Now, I say to even CON these smart folks (like the feminists who support Hillary for president only because she’s “a woman”)—well, *that’s some great freaking feat of deceptive magic!* No? Well, just take a look at how Hillary could actually CON people on the Left into believing she’s somehow a “progressive,” when in reality she’s the establishment, neoliberal candidate sponsored by the status-quo (and corrupt) DNC and the candidate who best represents the big-monied interests of Wall Street!

    To be more specific, it isn’t just the Hillary side of the coin—I mean, con—, but it’s the team of CLINTON CON, of Hillary and Bill. Anyone who knows how Bill CONNED liberals into thinking he was their man and examines this “neoliberal” president’s economic policies also knows what a corrupt CON he was (Republican-lite and “the politics of personal enrichment.” See Truthout article of may 15, “Thomas Frank: Bill Clinton’s Five Major Achievements Were Longstanding GOP Objectives.”). This set the stage for the Hillary CON to follow in his executive footsteps. Again, anyone who takes the trouble to examine her history (from her origins into politics) and her record (and all the lies and corruption as NY Senator and Sec of State), as opposed to the facade presented as “Hillary for President,” will see the “cunning” CON WOMAN exposed!

    Let me give one example of “the [liberal] people who want to be free” succumbing to the CON WOMAN. In the later part of the program, Daniel went into the meaning of the current Venus cycle to the election (current Venus cycle, when she’s emerging from the Underworld with her creative possibilities of the Feminine Principle; the period of mid-July through early August is Venus Reborn) and concluded that this “represents the idealized version of the Amazon Queen, the creative force of the Feminine.” As this could easily be interpreted as a match for Hillary, I think Caroline interjected and asked if he was saying that there’s “a Leo-theatrical dedicated greater good part of her” and if it’s an expression that can be activated.” Fortunately, Daniel replied he was suggesting something different (i.e., when Mars goes retrograde in Hilary’s chart that’s when she’ll be indicted.)

    Again, the “Vagina Ideologues,” the feminists who support Hillary (e.g., Gloria Steinem and company), hearing this from Daniel would no doubt interpret Hillary as being the new “Amazon Queen”! (This, I submit, would be on par with Queen Elizabeth I being depicted in poetry and portraiture of the period as a Virgin Goddess, and associated by magus John Dee with “Britannia,” the personification of Britain. No, the Hillary supporters wouldn’t be that naive? See Salon article of April 21, “Enough with the Hillary cult: Her admirers ignore reality, dream of worshipping a queen: Clinton voters overlook money lust, shadowy surrogates, sociopathic policy shifts, horrific overseas record.”)

    By the same token, the distortion of astrological interpretation could also happen when Daniel later talked about Venus in Leo as Evening Star (after her Underworld sojourn), and declared that “there will be something powerful coming from the Feminine—strong women.” This part of his astrological exposition was for me the most ambiguous and, therefore, most susceptible to distortion. He went on to talk about the “women” in the Hillary camp encouraging her to be all she can be as a leader.

    As a possibility this is quite okay (yet, it never happened in the campaign), but as a current reality these so-called “strong women” (like Steinem) are only “encouraging” her in CONNING other women and all the people who want to be free! (This, of course, begs the question: which “strong Amazon Women”? Progressive traitor Elizabeth Warren, or Ohio state senator, Nina Turner, who called Warren out on her endorsement of Hillary? How about real feminist “strong women? I’m talking about “strong women,” suchas Bell Hooks, who switched allegiance to Bernie when she found out how corrupt Hillary is, or Naomi Klein, who declared “I don’t trust Hillary Clinton,” or Liza Featherstone, “Why This Socialist Feminist Is Not Voting for Hillary.” How about a “strong woman” such as Susan Sarandon, who took strong objection to Hillary supporters that women who didn’t support Hillary because she’s a woman are traitors to the feminist cause, declared: “I don’t vote with my vagina!”)

    Anyway, Daniel predicted that if these “inform Hillary as to what kind of leader she possibly could be, something new will happen.” I seriously doubt this! Significant here, is also Daniel’s proviso that he didn’t “want to reserve all this just to gender.” He included in his exposition “the guys who support these strong Amazon women.” But here’s the rub about the “not reserving gender” thing—the Hillary campaign has constantly resorted to “reserving gender” by maintaining that Hillary is electable on the grounds of just being a woman (“vote for me, I have a vagina”!). Witness how many times, when Hillary is threatened with exposure from Bernie supporters, she plays the “gender card” (e.g., that because she’s a “woman” running for president she’s unfairly attacked by the misogynist “Bernie Bros”).

    And if it’s all about *corruption* (see Current Affairs article of April 17, “If You Want Solid Evidence That Clinton is Corrupting the Political Process, Here It Is”), then it’s HILLARY THE CON WOMAN—the toxic mimic that arises from corruption, especially in Hilary’s shadow-expression, which is the toxic mimic of the Trickster. Hillary, the professional politician, is more thoroughly toxic and corrupt!

    Therefore, I submit to you that Trump can’t hold a candle to Hillary when it comes to the BIG CON! Why? Because Hillary is not the old American CON of Trump (the Elmer Gantry type); she’s not a “progressive” or even a “liberal” in her political nature—she’s in reality a neo-CON! (See Salon article of June 10, “Another neocon endorses Clinton, calling her ‘2016’s real conservative’ and ‘the candidate of the status quo’.”)

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