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Segueing from last week- pt2- the demonic Disneyfication of Junipero Serra

ToypurinaCarac1Tonight: Full Moon (Aquarius-Leo) of Cultural Influence for the Dedicated Heart…

More than perfectly Caroline welcomes two deeply dedicated hearts. Norma Flores-“Toypurina Carac,” California Native Woman, creator of the Move-On Petition, (we encourage all to sign.) and Chairman Valentin Lopez of the Amuh Mutsin Tribal Band.

The tale of Junipero Serra goes to the Plutonic roots of colonialism’s intrinsic brutality. Pope Francis is disastrously- currently-intending to canonize Serra on September 23rd at 4:15 pm in Washington DC. Because we are friend’s of Pope Francis’ soul – we are enemies of this project. Let’s see the Pope re-considering. (Con-sider “with the stars.”In this case literally, the proposed canonization is to take place on the Autumnal Equinox, sacred day of bringing all Justice into Balance.)
Vestiges of colonialism are at the root of all that ails the world. What must we die to- lest we die from?

Thank you for signing the petition and supporting sane reverence
In Solidarity,

Here is the link to the petition: Urge Pope Francis to abandon the canonization of Junipero Serra

  • Gypsy Scholar

    Norma Flores-“Toypurina Carac” deserves our gratitude and blessings!

    The proper term for the criticism that was mentioned in part 1 of this issue — that the dissenters of Junipero Serra’s canonization are mistakenly attributing today’s morality and values to those of the past — is “PRESENTISM.”

    I was made aware of this term during a discussion between Alan Jones (Dean of Grace Cathedral) and Stephen Mitchell (poet and translator) at SF’s Grace Cathedral in the mid-1990s. Being that this event was around Columbus Day, I asked about the history of Spanish colonialism starting with Columbus, pointing out his manifold crimes against the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Rev. Jones, known for his liberal religious views, responded by informing me that my view smacked of “presentism;” i.e., that I was mistakenly attributing the same moral values of the modern period to the time of Columbus. It’s too bad I couldn’t have had the chance to remind the good reverend that Columbus was fiercely criticized by his contemporary Bartolomé de las Casas, a Spanish historian, social reformer and Dominican friar!

    Those of us who live in the Monterey Bay Area are familiar with this issue, as protests have been carried on for years at the area’s Catholic missions.

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