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The Visionary Activist Show – Cultivating Wonder, Curiosity & Biophilia (Replay)

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(Replay from January 19, 2023)

Cultivating Wonder, Curiosity & Biophilia to re-kin with what remains of our Fauna

Caroline re-hosts Dan Flores, author of 11 books, including “Coyote America,”
and his most recent “Wild New World: the Epic Story of Animals and People in America,”
Flora Fauna from Pleistocene, 66 million years ago, to now… “deep-time history of animals and humans in North America detailing human-wildlife relations across the continent, the sixth extinction, and the odyssey of species recovery in recent decades.”

Elephants, Giant Buffalo, Camels, horses, giant Cats, have been found with arrowheads in their bones – humans on American Continent, hunting fantabulous animals 12,450 years ago…. and destroying our fauna kin in cruel ways, especially the last 500 years…

Dan Flores is an American writer and historian who specializes in cultural and environmental studies of the American West. A native of Louisiana, Dan Flores is a writer who presently lives in the Galisteo Valley outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is A. B. Hammond Professor Emeritus of the History of the American West at the University of Montana-Missoula. He is the author of ten books, most recently the New York Times Bestseller, “Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History” (2016), and “American Serengeti: The Last Big Animals of the Great Plains” (2016). Dan Flores is an ambassador for Project Coyote, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science and advocacy.

Wild New World website


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