The Ralph Nader Radio Hour

The Ralph Nader Radio Hour – December 26, 2016

Ralph Nader talks about what’s happening in America, what’s happening around the world, and most importantly what’s happening underneath it all.

  • Matthias Troitzsch

    Finally talk about the lack of an apprentice system in the US and the insane overemphasis on (ivy league) higher education. I was born in Germany and grew up there for 20 years. Germany is much better balanced economically, and by no coincidence politically, than the US, which is increasingly becoming a 3rd world country due to its unbridled greed and naive yet stubborn culture of a free market economy without limitations.

    • Mark Talmont

      Not that simple. We have an extensive community college system–but go try and find one with one crummy course where you can learn how to fix plumbing, much less a pathway to learning a comprehensive skill set in that field or any number of other areas. What you will consistently find is (1) a rationing mind set (pervasive throughout higher ed vs. any kind of a productivity view) and (2) all-too-often an institution that looks suspiciously like it is being run primarily for the benefit of the people who are employed by it. The Peralta system in the East Bay mismanaged itself into state trusteeship in the 90s because of this and CCSF probably should have been dismantled and rebuilt but for political influence that protected the scoundrel bureaucrats. (CCSF was badly run but had the best benefit package of any CC in the state). Is it ever OK to call out the government management for their own greed? Some of them who nominally work for the citizens of Oakland managed to get a lot of people killed in disastrous fires in recent years. And every time it happens the dog ate their homework and they are protected from liability.

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