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The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays – September 28, 2016



The San Diego community of El Cajon is reeling after police shot an unarmed black man. Alfred Olango was an immigrant from Uganda, shot dead by police after his sister called authorities for help, saying he was having a mental health episode. The U.S. Senate  vote nearly unanimously to override  President Obama’s veto of legislation allowing relatives of the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia’s government. An Oakland City Council committee deadlocks on a measure to require cannabis businesses to turn over a quarter of their profits and board power to the city.

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  • dahszil

    When will it stop ? When will it stop ? Another arfrican american killed because he or she is african american. When will it stop ?! now another question my fellow progressives dismiss out of hand is that drugs that those labled mentally ill actually tortures them from within. Find out whether this poor guy, god rest his soul, was agitated because he was forced to take neuroleptics(aka anti-psychotics, like abilify, seroquel, olanzapine etc the new and not improved neuroleptics or on an older neuroleptic like haldol or thorazine. these drugs are nothing less than chemical torture and agitate people 10 times more than if they were on something like benzodiazepines or have intense but loving cognitive therapy). still that is no excuse for cops to kill him because he was holding something that was not a gun

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