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Senate passes $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill-heads to house next; Chevron oil field in Kern County leaking +10,000 gallons of oil a day – March 25, 2020

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  • Senate passes $2.2 trillion coronavirus economic relief bill.
  • Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden says relief bill could go further.
  • New York Governor says relief bill is insufficient as state counts 3,900 cases.
  • United Nations secretary urges global cooperation to face coronavirus.
  • Zimbabwe closes borders to stop coronavirus spread.
  • California Governor: 4 of 5 largest banks suspend mortgages/foreclosures for 90 days.
  • California Governor reduces prison population as COVID-19 infects guards and inmate.
  • LA homeless take over state owned, empty houses as COVID-19 spreads.
  • Oil field in Kern County leaking thousands of gallons of oil each day, again.

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