The KPFA Evening News (Weekend)

The KPFA Evening News (Weekend) – September 11, 2016

Weekend Edition of the KPFA Evening News, which is a collaboration of KPFA and KFCF in Fresno.

  • HW developer

    The report on the Syrian ceasefire negotiations was hardly neutral; in fact, it sounded as though it took its talking points directly from the US State Department, with intellectually dishonest rhetoric making the same underhanded accusations we’ve been hearing for years (and discredited), without the spine to just come out and make allegatios directly, with accountable evidence.

    Either stick to responsible, factual, reporting, or lose your credibiity.

    • snoozer

      I agree. Even the “left” press has given in to reporting un-verifiable assertions in this very murky situation. But some of the sources, like “Feature Story News,” are particularly bad and suspect in this respect – and far from “left”! They produce for Fox News, the Vatican, and Voice of America, the U.S.’s official propaganda “news” outlet.

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