The History Of Funk

The History Of Funk – February 17, 2017

this episode is no longer available


Two hours of the strongest, stankiest, uncut fonk anywhere on the airwaves, hosted by Rickey Vincent.


Rickey VincentRide On ItPhool 4 the FunkDribblous Mayhem
PTFIBMMFThe Final ChapterEula Music
PTFIThe Final ChapterThe Final ChapterEula Music
PTFITell Me Can Ya' Hear Featuring Phillip Colley SrThe Final ChapterEula Music
PTFI(But If You) Feel The FunkThe Final ChapterEula Music
PTFIPack Yo SheetThe Final ChapterEula Music
PTFIHe Has Brought The Funk To YouThe Final ChapterEula Music
PTFIEverywhere (W.H.A.T.F.P.G.?)Who the Funk is PTFI?Eula Music
PTFIWe'll Be OneThe Second Coming of The OneEula Music
Zoot ZillaLong Gone Fishin'To Lie With WolvesFlamoneous
Rickey VincentThumpasorus GalacticusPhool 4 the FunkDribblous Mayhem
Rickey VincentTrippin With JuniePhool 4 the FunkDribblous Mayhem
Rickey VincentDeep Sea DiversPhool 4 the FunkDribblous Mayhem
PTFISo Deep Featuring Phillip Colley Sr.The Second Coming of The OneEula Music
PTFITake A Look AroundThe Final ChapterEula Music
PTFIIs This The Dawn Of Armageddon November 8 2016 Election DayThe Final ChapterEula Music
PTFIThe Funk Family BumpThe Final ChapterEula Music
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