The History Of Funk

The History Of Funk – December 18, 2015

this episode is no longer available


Two hours of the strongest, stankiest, uncut fonk anywhere on the airwaves, hosted by Rickey Vincent.


Al Eaton - Paris - Skyler JettHistory of Funk intro songdemoRV
Muruga & the Cosmic Hoedown BandCosmic FunkMuruga & the Cosmic Hoedown Band Meets George ClintonMuruga
ParliamentTear The Roof Off The Sucker (Give Up The Funk)Mothership ConnectionMercury
George ClintonMothership ConnectionGreatest Funkin' HitsCapitol
Bootsy CollinsStretchin' Out (In A Rubber Band)Back in the Day: The Best of BootsyWB
ParliamentNight Of The Thumpasorus PeoplesMothership ConnectionMercury
George DukeMothership ConnectionGreatest HitsSony
Fuzzy HaskinsWhich Way Do I Disco?A Whole Nother Radio Active ThangWestbound
Scott GroovesMothership ReconnectionMothership ReconnectionSoma Records
ParliamentSupergroovalisticprosifunksticationMothership ConnectionMercury
Ishon CooperBat Funk CrazyCoop DeVille presents Bat Funk Crazy... In 3D!!!Block Rockin' Music
FunkadelicZip ItFirst Ya Gotta Shake The GateC Kunsprizy
Tiny FunkCar FunkBurger TimeVanM
ParliamentP. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)Mothership ConnectionMercury
ParliamentMothership Connection (Star Child)Mothership ConnectionMercury
ParliamentChildren of ProductionsThe Clones Of Dr. FunkensteinMercury
FunkanautsCommander BrownReclaiming The PyramidsPrime Records USA
Rocket Spearman's KatdelicD.O.T.M.S. (Dance On The Mothership)D.O.T.M.S.(Dance On The Mothership)Ronald K. Spearman
Space BugsThe Final FunktierParty of the P-BrainsAlessandro Cavallaio
ParliamentChildren of ProductionLive: P-Funk Earth TourMercury
ParliamentMothership Connection (Star Child)Live: P-Funk Earth TourMercury
ParliamentSwing Down, Sweet ChariotLive: P-Funk Earth TourMercury
PTFIWe'll Be OneSecond Coming Of The OneEula Music
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