The Bonnie Simmons Show

The Bonnie Simmons Show – March 7, 2019

this episode is no longer available


Bonnie Simmons presents a unique mix of singer/songwriter folk, rock, soul, country, and R&B.


graham parkerhowlin windpassion is no ordinary wordpolygram
quicksilverfresh airbest ofcapital
isley brossummer breezegrt hitsepic
vaughn monroethey call the wind mariahsingle
todd rundgrensometimes i dont know what to feela wizard a true starbearsville
jon martynsolid airsweet little mysteryisland
nina simonewild is the windquiet nowverve
santanasong of the windcaravansericolumbia
laura nyrowindgonna take a miracleepic
rod stewartmandolin windgrt hitsmercury
mumford and sonswinter windsmumford and sons
bob dylanidiot windblood on the trackscolumbia
stevie wonderblowin in the windat the close of the centurymotown
nick lowesoulful windvery best ofyep roc
j j caleanyway the wind blowsanyway the wind blowsmercury

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