Terror Arrests and FBI Entrapment, Korea Talks, and the Mormon Hierarchy

Recent FBI cases regarding terrorism in the Bay Area brought up concerns about whether Muslim youth are being entrapped, and roped into compromising situations before conviction. Darwin BondGraham is a staff writer at the East Bay Express who wrote an article on the subject, entitled Terror or Entrapment?. Darwin speaks with us alongside Zahra Billoo, civil rights attorney and the executive director of the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Paul Liem is the Board Chairperson of the Korea Policy Institute, based in Berkeley joins UpFront on Monday’s episode to discuss Korea talks and their broader political implications. Author and religious historian Michael Quinn does a book interview on his most recent writing, The Mormon Hierarchy, a deep dive into the financial underworld of the Church of Later-day Saints.

  • cairbuster

    I am a 60 years old Arab Muslim and American since 1985. The Council for American Islamist Radicalization has been hard at work spreading phobia among the Muslim population for the purpose of polarizing and radicalizing and nurturing partizanship among American Muslim youth. I have been exposing their tactics since 2000. However, with the help of constant infusion of $Petro money from anti America forces, the Council has managed to developed very danderous and very powerful reach. Today, American Muslim youth are the most polarized and partizanised group of people. It is time that the US Justice Department initiates serious investigation of this entity.

    • Atahar Malik

      You are not an Arab muslim. You are hiding your real name. In fact, you are an anti-Muslim Islamphobe who works with the evil enemy of Muslims like Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel etc. CAIR is doing tremendous job fighting for Muslim civil rights and justice. CAIR is very transparent its source of funds. So do not spread lies and stop deceiving people with fake identities.

      • cairbuster

        لماذا أشهر الاسماء الحركيه للمجاهدين الذكور هو ابو بكر وعمر وابو عبيده وخالد وطلحه؟ ولماذا اشهر الأسماء لمجاهدات المناكحه هو عاءشه و حفصه؟

      • cairbuster

        In 1985, after only three years of arriving into US, I got my first job as a salesman in an upscale all White town in Massachsetts. I was the only Arab Muslim ever worked for this business. The very second full month, I became the second top salesman in value and gross. 99% of my customers were Whites. In subsequent years, I never applied for a job and I was not offered the job. In all my rears during the 80ies and most if thed 90ies, I never felt discriminated against. Actually, I experience more discrimination in my own country when I moved from Baghdad to Mosul. My point is, Arabs and Muslims have lived and prospoured in the US for decades long before CAIR even existed. The sad reality is, today we are all worse that we were before CAIR started to exploit well intended Civil Rights Codes to bully and to extort litgitimate American businesses. However, I promise you that CAIR days are numbered.

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