Talkies – June 25, 2019

On this episode of the Talkies. It’s summer time and a great summer time ritual is, of course, baseball. We’ve got a good show today for baseball fans and casual observers alike.

In our first segment, longtime Oakalnd A’s announcer Ken Korach joins guest host Max Pringle to talk about his new book with SF Chronicle Beat writer Susan Slusser: “If these walls could talk: Stories from teh Oakland A’s dugout, locker room and Pressbox. It’s a fun insider’s peek into a big league organization.

Then baseball as philosophy. UC Berkeley Philosophy professor Alva Noe speaks with Max Pringle about his new book “Infinite Baseball.” Noe says the game’s slower tempo allows its fans time to get deep into the strategy and deep thinking involved in the game, much more so than faster paced games like basketball and ice hockey.

Then, in the second half of the show. The Art of Peace exhibit is coming to San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in July. It’s a remarkable show with anti-gun violence-themed art pieces, many created with melted down and re-purposed firearms. Pati Navalta, head of the Robbie Poblete foundation, is on the show. The foundation is an Art of Peace co-sponsor. The foundation, named for her slain son, helps with gun buyback programs and works to transition troubled youth away from violence and into job training programs.

Then the Reel Stories film festival is coming up at the Albany Theatre. It will showcase the films of young women and girls. That kicks off June 29 at Landmark’s Albany Twin. We’ll here from Esther Pearl, Executive Director of Reel Stories.

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