Dean Baker! Scoop on Earth Day! UCB academic protest!

The proposed Trump budget threatens to cut almost everything, except military spending.  And then there’s his plan for tax reform–we talk with economist Dean Baker about survival tactics.  PLUS: an Earth Day rant from Scoop Nisker!  PLUS: UCB Language Department upheaval.  With host Kris Welch.


    Thank you Kris for taking my call, but I will explain what I said about Bill Clinton….In the first few years of his administration Bill Clinton resisted the Wall Street Neolberals crowed of Milton Friedman, Erick Greanspan, David Ruben, Larry Summers, Timothy Giutner, Ben Barnake, and the rest of them, in fact in meeting with them in the white house they demanded that he follows their voodoo economics plan that Ronald Reagan had been following, at one point he kicked them all out of his office. shortly after that they implanted Monica Lewinsky to give a blow job, and the blue dress, Linda trip, Goldberg, and Ken Star, all led to his impeachment, after that he became their little puppy and poppet to keep his presidency, that when under their order ca cancelled the Glass Steegal act, deregulate the Wall Street and entered th`e U S in all of the unfair trade agreements, from GAT, NAFTA, KAFTA, all were made to enrich their Wall Street buddies while destroying the great American middle class and sending tens of millions of Americans to the poorhouse. and now you know the rest of the story.

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