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The Gift of Deep Listening During Difficult Times


Talk It Out Radio – Sunday, September 13, 7:00 pm, on KPFA Radio (94.1 FM Berkeley and beyond, or live stream at ):


The Gift of Deep Listening During Difficult Times

Host Nancy Kahn holds a show for the community, inviting listeners to call in and share feelings and to connect to their needs about all that is going on in our country. She offers empathy, care and reflections to listeners impacted by the fires, pandemic, political climate in a highly racialized world. If you are a parent going through the challenges of online learning with your children, someone who is displaced because of the fires, if you are worrying about your friends or family members during this time, experiencing anti-blackness or racism in your workplace, if you are struggling with feeling blue, addiction, or your mental wellness, call in and be heard with empathy and compassion. Listeners are invited to call in to the show (dial 1-800-958-9008 or 510 848 4425) to participate in this conversation.




A how-to and what-to-do program where skilled hosts welcome guests and callers to practice empathy, mindfulness, and effective communication. Do you want tools for connection, conflict resolution, and compassion for self and others? We explore skills, knowledge and resources to empower you to connect across differences.


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