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Deep Adaptation to Our Global Predicament of Collapse of Life Systems: How to Have a Compassionate Conversation on a Tough Topic

Host Timothy Regan invites listeners into compassionate conversation about what may be the toughest reality that humanity collectively can have right now:  how are we adapting, with love, to the distinct possibility of the collapse of life support systems, inclusing ours, across the Earth, happning now and progressing in the near future.

To help us approach this conversation, Timothy welcomes Dean Walker, an Advocate speaker for the Deep Adaptation conversation, being had by people across the world right now.  This conversation started in 2018 with a paper written by a professor of Sustainability in the UK:  Jem Bendell.   You can find this paper here:

Dean Walker has been designing curriculum, facilitating and coaching in the field of Collapse-Awareness, for the past six years – drawing extensively on his prior 30 years of Executive and Personal Development coaching and training. He is the author of The Impossible Conversation: Choosing Reconnection and Resilience at the End of Business as Usual. His body of work now includes: Individual and Group – Transformational Resilience Coaching, Safe Circle Support Groups, Deep Academy online learning series, and workshop design and facilitation. “The calling of these times is for reconnection with the Web of Life.”

You can find inspiring resources and learn more about his work at:

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