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The Art of Blessing with Words and Love

Host Timothy Regan reminds us about capacity to bless one another as human beings.  Timothy defines what a blessing is, explains how it works and feels, offers several examples, and invites you to create a blessing that you can offer to someone who you care about who needs a blessing now.

What is a Blessing?
Between people, a blessing is a COMMUNICATION that is given, and received, that amplifies the life force, within yourself or someone else. A blessing accurately acknowledges something that is essential for someone, and at the same time brings forth the possibility and the felt experience of that essential need being fulfilled.
It introduces us for the first time to, or reminds us of, our true ever-growing nature: that we have power, that we have value, that we belong, that we are not alone. A blessing brings us back home to the truth of our place in the family of life.
A blessing, when it is received, directly affects us. The body comes alive and the heart fills up with rejuvenation, strength, groundedness, buoyancy, tenderness, warmth, relief, serenity, happiness, love, energy, courage, and gratitude.
At the heart of every blessing may be this message: “I behold you, I care, I am here with you, you are not alone, you make sense, you matter, and you belong.”


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