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When we can heal our own separation and become whole, facing and owning our shadows, we can begin to also heal the separations between us and others.  Host, Marlena Willis, speaks with meditation teacher, direct action trainer and activist, Nirali Shah.


Nirali Shah is a meditation teacher and her work is strongly informed by the ancient feminine teachings of Tantra from the Himalayas, as well as the principles of mutual liberation, where one intentionally harnesses the energy arising from spiritual practices as a force for uprooting systemic oppression. In the past she served in one of the largest slum communities of Asia for close to five years, part of it, working out of the Gandhi Ashram. She has deeply studied nonviolence from Gandhian Elders in the Nonviolent Freedom Movement of India as well as Kingian Nonviolence. Currently she teaches Dharma at various Buddhist communities, and Direct action at East Point East Academy. For more information:




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