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Why Develop an Antiracist Inner Practice and What Does It Take?

Developing an Antiracist Inner Practice, an integrative approach that combines Nonviolent Communication with Antiracist & Anti-Oppression frameworks is the topic of our show tonight. Why is it critical to develop an antiracist inner practice? What do we each need to learn and do, to become more aware of the ways we each might contribute to racism and oppression? Join tonight’s host, Nancy Kahn, to compassionately explore how to develop an anti-racist inner practice. We discuss why it is important to build this inner practice along with the skill-sets and knowledge base needed to actively transform racism and oppression on a daily basis, moment by moment.  An inner practice empowers us to take action in personal relationships, workplace environments and within our communities.
Talk It Out Radio host Nancy Kahn, identifies as African American woman, BIPOC of Nigerian and Russian Jewish ancestry has been actively enhancing her integrative practice of Nonviolent Communication combined with the frameworks of Antiracism, anti-oppression, critical race theory, diversity/equity/inclusion and among others.





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