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The Heart of Democracy is Alive and Well (Good News)

Host Timothy Regan takes you into an amazing success story of human connection across political differences in this election year.

We welcome James Fishkin PhD, to share the story.  He is the mind and heart behind “America in One Room,” a gathering of 526 United States voters from across the nation last September, that proved that the people can make decisions together, even in this polarized and divided time.  Mr. Fishkin is the Director of the Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University.  He is also the author of Democracy When the People Are Thinking (Oxford 2018)

What if you heard of a way people could talk that took the animosity and polarization and enemy images out of political discussions in our country? What if you heard that it was tested and proved over 100 times across the world, and right here in the US last September in Texas, with registered voter Americans of all political parties, ages, and backgrounds?

And what if you heard that this process changed people’s minds and hearts toward compromise and openness on the key issues of this year’s election? (immigration, taxes and the economy, healthcare, foreign policy, and the environment)

Join us in this episode to hear the story of America in One room and the hope and practical ideas that it teaches all of us.


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