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How to Support Accountability, with Michael Meade

Host Timothy Regan welcomes storyteller, mythologist, and mentor Michael Meade in for some help to wrestle with the nature of accountability in our time.

You can visit MosaicVoices and tune in to his Living Myth Podcast to learn more about what Michael is currently offering our struggling world.

The questions we take on in this episode, with rigor and love, are:
1.  What is accountability? What does it mean to be accountable? And if we are accountable, what are we accountable to?
2.  How do we hold ourselves accountable? Hold other people accountable? Hold whole groups, corporations, governments accountable? In a life serving way, without more destruction, violence, murder, and trauma?
3.  What does NOT work to hold others accountable?
4.  What DOES work? What is a truly inspiring and empowering vision of accountability that we all can take heart in and begin to practice?

Join us to stoke your imagination of how accountability is possible in our interconnected, interdependent, mutually vulnerable and uncertain world.


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