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Caring for Our Mental Health Through Mindfulness, Nonviolence and Spirituality

Host Nancy Kahn holds a timely discussion with guest, an extraordinary guest, Emilio Osorio, LCSW, a Bay Area therapist of color, to hear what he has learned about the importance of listening and validating people’s experiences.

Mr. Osorio shares his perspective and experience on the need to voice unmet needs, and to attend to pain and trauma related to the personal, community and world conditions we face (racism, oppression, hate speech, violence, inequity), and the roles of self empathy, mindfulness and spirituality.

Listeners are invited to call in to the show at 7:30 pm (dial 1-800-958-9008 or 1 510-848-4425 ) to participate in this conversation.

Emilio Osorio, LCSW, identifies as a cisgender male of  El Salvadorian heritage. He has been a social activist in San Francisco for decades  and is a priest in his spiritual practice of IFA.
Thanks to Maria Oswalt for sharing their work on Unsplash.
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