Talk-It-Out Radio

The A.I. Episode

Host Timothy Regan, the real O.I. (organic intelligence) Timothy Regan, welcomes you and many callers to wrestle with this question:  What does A.I. mean for healthy human relations with eachother, ourelves, and all life?  Will it “save us” from the worst in ourselves, or might it destroy the social foundations of our societies?  Of course, the possibilities are as endless as the billions of interactions humans are having with the latest very powerful “large-language model” A.I.s released to the public just a few months ago.

Timothy shares his very interesting exchange with a Chat GPT based A.I. “” on the practice of human empathy, and receives equally interesting calls from fellow humans.


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Common,will.i.amA DreamFreedom Writers Original SoundtrackHollywood Records
Kendrick LamarPurple HeartsMr. Morale & The Big SteppersUMG - Aftermath