Sunday Show

Sunday Show – September 25, 2016

the-s-wordIn the first hour Terror on the Campaign Trail with John Nichols, Washington correspondent for The Nation and author of “The S Word: A Short History of an American Tradition…Socialism”. In the second hour The War Goes On with Juan Cole, Professor of History at the University of Michigan, and blogger: “Informed Comment” (


    Juan Cole today was one of your worst guest you had recently on your show ,he miss stated many factsn ,and spewed many lies ,1) Daesh murdered over one half million people across the middle .they are bloody barbarians murderers ,people in the middle east more than hate them ,they despise them and want them destroyed..2) Obama and Hilary Clinton initiated that whole mess when they supplied lethal arms to known terrorists groups to kill Kaddafe and to topple Assad ,and that support of terrorists continue till today 3)The U S are bombing the hell out of Syria mostly against the Syrian army to achieve their mai8n objective which is to topple Assad govenment 3) The only countries who fighting those bloody terrorists are Russia and Egypt 4) This bloody mess have nothing to do with any sect of religion ,that part is created by the U S to follow the ole English way divide and master rule . 5)go on line to see Hilary Clinton stati8ng we went their ,we saw him ,and he died ,talking about Kaddafe .,after which she and Obama started their evil bloody hand into Syria… Again Juan Cole was just terrible today , I believe he lied to protect Hilary Clinton election .


    The only way to solve the big mess in Syria and e3lsewhere in the middle east is for the U S to take off their bloody hand and get the hell out of the middle east ,let people their solve their own problems ,that will happen sooner once the U S leaves


    eDaesh followers are bunch of stupid mislead idiots who violate all rules and pillars of Islam murdering innocent civilians and raping women and children as well as to put shame one the face of Islamv to rfeed the Islamophobic groups who use fear and hate to go into perpetual wars and instate right wing government in the U S and the west ,but Daesh leaders are paid agents for the U S ,Israel NEOCONS Islamophobic , and others.

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