Sunday Show

Sunday Show – October 23, 2016

In the first hour Syria: The War Continues with Reese Erlich, Foreign Correspondent, author of “Inside Syria: The Backstory of Their Civil War and What the World Can Expect”. In the second hour The Campaign Continues with Paul Waldman, blogger for the Washington Post, Contributing Editor at American Prospect, and contributing writer at The Week. And Chris Offutt, author of Nov. Harpers Magazine, “In the Hollow, The Changing Face of Appalachia – Its Role in the Presidential Debate”.

  • wildjoy

    How profoundly disappointing is Philip’s choice of guests (why didn’t he just have John Podesta or Debbie Wasserman Schultz — prob. not available, huh?) this close to the election, in the 2nd hour giving a platform to 2 dedicated HRC supporters, while silencing the callers who tried to pose critical questions countering the shameless HRC-promoting pitches, esp. of the WAPO’s Paul Waldman!! What has happened to KPFA?!

    • lescy

      I totally agree!!! KPFA is controlled by George Soros who has been quoted as saying that he will DIE before allowing America to survive! Clinton’s CRIMES and her EXTREME HEALTH ISSUES are totally IGNORED by the Matrix Media and so also by KPFA (because KPFA gets its news from the MSM!) It’s all only ‘BASH TRUMP!” on KPFA. There is no debate, no balanced coverage or opposing opinions allowed!. One KPFA staff member who traveled to Cleveland for the Democratic Convention was stopped (“fired”) from going to the GOP convention because he DARED make the honest mistake of remarking that he thought that Donald Trump’s speech was good!! It’s so obvious that KPFA is controlled from the top. It has gone to the same dogs that appeared on the scene right before WWII when Hitler came to power. Remember, fascism can easily follow the liberals into power!. I think maybe it’s easier then because everyone is not looking for the dangers lurking in the shadows!! I think TRUMP is really a HERO for trying to stop the liberals from bringing in fascism via the globalists who want a NWO! He is standing up to the onslaught from both the left and the right! (the Right hates his anti-globalist stance) He gets very little support and all he gets from phony liberals is insults and misquotes and misrepresentations! Okay, maybe some of the things he has said are racist, and sexist; but Hillary’s ACTIONS have proven that she is the REAL RACIST/MISOGYNIST!!! Hillary is EVIL to the CORE and she will KILL without conscience and most of us will lose our freedoms when she gets us under her control. WE MUST GET TOGETHER AND STOP HILLARY FROM BECOMING PRESIDENT!!! Instead it should be HILLARY FOR PRISON!!! I am voting for Trump not only to keep Hillary out, but also because he is a good person – not perfect – but good!!

    • Travis

      Strongly agree. It was so disheartening to hear to HRC apologists mocking guests who are skeptical of Hillary’s center-right corporatist positions, with Philip Maldari gladly joining in and silencing callers.

      The low point was really when the caller stated clearly ‘Hillary can be called a criminal because she violated international law of national sovereignty in Libya’ to which the HRC apologists replied that the overthrow of a foreign government was simply a policy decision that you could agree or disagree with. That’s now how international law works, and these are clearly partisan hacks.

      Not what I tune into KPFA for.

  • DaveO

    What in the hell happened to my comment?
    There was nothing controversial or obscene and it included two important links pertaining to Syria.
    WTF is going on here?

  • DanBuskirk

    File empty for Sunday with Philip today, looks like a good show….

  • Jeffery Hjalmar Borup

    63 years old and can now pronounce Appalachia like a miner.

  • Talker Xtraordinaire

    Indeed, it’s an empty file. Please remedy!

    Curious coincidence, given the uproar in the comments here. Wouldn’t think Erlich to be an HRC stooge, given he’s seen the ravages of war for so many years & she’s champing at the bit to attack Russia. But the WaPo person mentioned I don’t know about– an association with that abysmal paper indicates I won’t be able to listen to that part very long. Good approach, putting him in the second hour– I can just cut short the silly 60kpbs-capped download half way thru! (If it ever gets posted, that is.)

    ps. the poster “lescy” above seems to be one of the many, many likely-paid thinktankers ubiquitous on the net nowadays, regurgitating Alex Jones talking points (& pushing Trump.) It’s so moronic of them to think they can get Berniecrats/leftists to vote for rightwing nutbag (& likely HRC Machine operative) Donald. Jones has some value in that he’s brought Truth issues to his large audience (listen to his full show sometime instead of just consuming MSM’s rabid attacks on him) but he does a jinormous disservice to Truthers by being too much of a dullard to not fall for Climate Denial. Talk about clueless!

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