Sunday Show

Sunday Show – May 8, 2016

Hosted by Philip Maldari, topics range from current political events, author interviews (usually non-fiction), world history, and science, to gardening.

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  1. The Sunday Show on May 8 was a Mother’s Day Special produced by Women’s Magazine producers.
    — Literary historian Elaine Showalter on Julia Ward Howe, poet and author of the Mother’s Day Peace Proclamation in 1869.
    — Author Desiree Cooper reads from and discusses her short fiction collection, KNOW THE MOTHER, on the intersections of sexism, racism and motherhood
    — Amy Richards and Sharon Sobotta talk about opting into single motherhood
    — Anthropologist Rosemary Agonito talks about the pressure on women in our culture to be mothers, and some of the myths about having or not having children
    — Women from all over the world pay tribute to their mothers

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