Sunday Show

Sunday Show – July 24, 2016

In the first hour, The Strangest Campaign Ever, with Dave Johnson,
Senior Fellow at the Campaign for America’s Future and Paul Waldman, blogger for the Washington Post, and Contributing Editor at American Prospect. In the second hour, Trumping Democracy: Who Would Jesus Vote For? with Chip Berlet, Independent Investigative Journalist,

6 responses to “Sunday Show – July 24, 2016

  1. The first hour of the 7/24 Sunday Show was an absolute embarrassment. No matter what you always find guests who will only support your war loving Democratic Presidential nominees. I guess that is because virtually everyone in the leftist media does so leaves you little chance. Only a very small pool of whack jobs who generally also believe that it is worth our consideration to question whether our intelligence agencies are capable of staging false flag events at least sometimes So for me it is interesting how those two factors coincide, no fl;ase flag no third party choices. Who cares that progressives themselves are very much torn on the issues, we nonetheless have generally complete unanimity on these two issues from our beloved progressive media

    I will give Phillip a little credit however that he pushed Dave Johnson a little bit when a caller asked him to specifically address the difference in the stated foreign policies of the two candidates. Of course the pushing had little effect since Johnson continued to just yammer that of course there are tremendous differences on every issue. One might have thought things had changed with the emergence of the Sanders campaign, but were not going to see it reflected in our progressive media sources

  2. David Johnson said that Clinton and Trump are different on every issue. But the show tonight has been devoid of discussion of issues. Is Hillary different from Trump in her support from the Oil Companies? Wall Street? Insurance Companies? Clinton’s bombing of Lybia? Clinton’s support from the pharmaceutal industry? What, are either for national health care or a $15 minimum wage? No. And what about their socio-economic background? Is Clinton’s dealings more (or less) virtuous than Trump’s? Is either one more of a flip-flopper on issues, is either less of a denier of wrong doings? … Infact I would say that these two candidates are closer to each other than they are to Sanders. And regarding the two biggest concerns: global warming and inequality, Clinton and Trump are both terrible. … And what’s more, the Clintons and the Trumps are friends, and their daughters are close friends. … The difference in the two is that Clinton would make better supreme court nominations (though Obama should have already done this). … Uncommonly Phillip and his guests tonight have given shrill support for a corporate neo-liberal candidate.

    1. The clear difference is in social issues. Hillary spent her life in public service…. and I’m impressed. Really impressed. Pushing for public health is hardly a favor to insurance companies. The GOP put a block on a really good public program… not Hillary or Obama.

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  4. Chip Berlet has never been “Independent.” He suckled for years on the teat of the Ford Foundation, and his assignment has been to persecute traditional leftists who think in terms of economic justice and opposition to geopolitical wars. He has always sought to herd them into various kinds of navel-gazing “identity politics” and acquiescence to the Tony Blair-style “liberal imperialism” that Hillary represents.

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