Sunday Show

Sunday Show – July 2, 2017

In the first hour “Doctor Doctor” with Paul Waldman, a blogger for the Washington Post, Contributing Editor at American Prospect, and contributing writer at The Week. In the second hour “What’s the Matter with America?” with Lawrence Rosenthal, Executive Director of the Center for Right Wing Studies, UC Berkeley, co-editor of “The New Nationalism and the First World War”, and “Steep: The Precipitous Rise of the Tea Party”.

  • Ariane Eroy, Ph. D.

    Re: The Manchurian Candidate–is it us?

    We need to understand how political leaders, including presidents, are used, and even hypnotized by those who finance their careers. We also need to recognize that the American people are being hypnotized as well.

    For Trump is not only a channel that can be used by the most nefarious energies, but a master hypnotist who holds the American public in awe, largely paralyzed and distracted. As such, it is not only the presidents who are hypnotized in back rooms, but the American public as well.

    I believe that Trump’s relentless diatribes and contradictory comments are intended to distract the Public away from the most compelling and urgent issues of our time: 1) America’s greed-based, militaristic ventures, and 2) catastrophic climate change.

    Note well: Trump does not believe what he says anymore than a media pundit. His loyalties are principally to those who magnify his wealth and power. As such, he can be easily used. And he is being used by not only those who believe that money is god. His character and his actions reveal that is being employed by nefarious energies intentionally attempting to kill all life, and the Planet itself. (For all planets and all species are alive, although we have been insensitive to their rights).

    I am writing this comment as a warning, and to underscore my appeal to Progressives to refrain from focusing on Trump. For it is so easy to be mesmerized by Trump. And in the end, after all the tweets and gufaws, what will we have to show for it? (This is how the ultra-Right works. Capitalist power brokers encourage all kinds of amusements from Google to i-phones to inflammatory tweets– all of which eat at our time and deviate us not only away from engaged citizenry but from our better selves).

    We need KPFA more than ever at this time.

    Yet I urge KPFA not to be mesmerized. We need KPFA to host more investigative reporters, academicians and activist reporters who offer trans-disciplinary perspectives. Most of us painfully know about the problems, but we need statistics, economic and environmental analyses, and a greater means to make connections. And even more importantly, we need KPFA to focus more on solutions.

    Solutions include forming a State-owned banking system to using language to enhance consciousness. We need it to be common understanding that all humans belong to one family and that when we permit our neighbors and other nations to be harmed, we are ultimately hurting ourselves.

    Finally, KPFA i sing this refrain to you: In order to gain the strength to fight the battles ahead, we need not only the layered understanding of experts, but also inspiration. For it is not enough to merely know about problems: This momentous time invites us to be the very best we can be: To commit some of our precious time and energy to making a difference.

    As such, we need to hear from people who are both fighting–and winning–the battle against criminal forces that are endangering all life, as humans hover within a field of massive species extinction on our vulnerable planet.

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