Sunday Show

Sunday Show – July 16, 2017

In the first hour “Middle East On My Mind” with Joel Beinin,
Professor of Middle East History, Stanford University. In the second hour “Are You Embarrassed to Be an American?” with Bill Fletcher, Jr., co-founder of the Center for Labor Renewal, co-author of “Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path toward Social Justice”, and Editorial Board member and columnist of the

  • Your guest is not even worth talking to. He is wants to continue the Russian debate and sweep the Bernie Sanders supporters under the bus.

  • And the best way to give the Republicans another 5 States and therefore the ability to force a Constitutional Convention would have been to elect the warmongering, backstabbing Clinton. The person who is missing what is going on is your guest. If the Democratic Party continues to undermine the Progressive majority, the Republicans will win more election is 2018 and Trump will win another term. It is time for the Neoliberals, like your guest, to get the F out of the way.

  • The same people who brought us the Clinton strategy of stabbing Sanders supporters in the back, lying and cheating are bringing us the impeachment strategy. We need to start working on getting Progressives in office and drop the entire Russian idiocy. The entire Russian narrative simply boils down to that Hillary cheated during the primaries.

    The caller Jake, would be a way better guest than this guy Bill. Your guest is arguing to ignore Progressives and then he argues that we need to work on State midterm elections. The Neoliberal’s like your guest are the ones that are keeping that from happening. I’m so tired of having to listen to people like him.

  • Your show is making me sad. Your guest is supporting the insider mentality of the Neoliberal Democrats and how they are attacking the Progressives and really does not have a clue about what is actually going on. Yes, we need to hash out the problems in the Democratic Party, but not with people who deny that it even happened. That is the most frustrating type of attack of them all. All the media is talking about is how Russia hacked the Hillary Clinton servers and released her emails to Wikileaks. They aren’t saying it like that, because that exposes the truth about it. It is still all about Clinton and the Neoliberal Democrats trying to blame their loss on everyone but themselves while ignoring the Progressive majority and how both the Republicans and the Democratic Party insiders are working to undermine the democratic process in order to keep Progressives out. The democratic insiders would much rather lose to a Republican than have the progressive majority take over. Both parties cheated during the 2016 election. Yes, the Republicans had their voter ID laws, gerrymandering, and voter crosscheck, but the list of dirty tricks the Clinton campaign and the democratic party insiders played against Progressives and Bernie Sanders supporters is even longer. With the continued abhorrent behavior of the Democratic Party and people like Bill Fletcher controlling the narrative, voter turnout will be very low in 2018 and we could very well see the constitutional convention in 2020. Jimmy Dore would be a good guest, Bill Fletcher, not so much.


    Your guest Joel Beinin is a bloody liar Neocon who believes Israel can do no wrong, he was speaking from both sides of his mouth, where in fact without saying straight in words he was propagating the Zionists claim of the greater Israel as he stressed in many ways that the 2 state solution is dead but clearly he used his co Zionist cohort Thomas Freedman to express that. Also his limiting the Semitic race to Jews only is unscientific and total idiocy……Real bad choice of guests……

  • Greg

    Let me start by saying Philip Maldary that I look forward to your show every week. In my opinion, you field the most pressing questions to all your guests that many of your listeners are dying to have answered. I respect the opinions of your interviewees.
    That being said, Bill Fletcher Jr. has credible arguments for progressives to accept the democrats as waving their banner despite the democratic party voting against their interests. This is in essence the arguments against reformists, revolutionaries. What I don’t understand is the schism between arguing for dramatic change and accepting reversible reformation – these are arguably mutually exclusive. Browbeating Californians to voting for a corporate party, the Democrats, is nonsense. A full third of Californians who voted for Clinton could have voted for a third party and not changed the electoral results by a single vote.
    I appreciate the slow-paced, long-term strategy of reform. Fletcher’s being not just dismissive but adversarial to individuals who voted for the future Fletcher himself argues for is mind-boggling. How better to achieve political victory than voting for your ideals. Arguing that attacks on American liberties and freedoms are at stake at republican victory is true, but they are also at stake with Democratic victories as well. Progressives are on a losing streak due to their voting for Democrats, and anyone whose values align with the progressive agenda argues otherwise does not know the gouging ablations to social justice, environmental justice, etc, perpetrated under the previous two Democratic administrations.

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