Sunday Show

Sunday Show – January 1, 2017

On New Year’s morning a round up of the year that was and predictions about the year to come with:
Marion Nestle, author of “Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda and Winning”
Ishmael Reed, author of, “The Complete Muhammad Ali”
Krissy Keefer, art director of the Dance Brigade, celebrating its 40 years of art activism
Kevin Gray,co-editor, “Killing Trayvons: An Anthology of American Violence”
Karen J. Greenberg, author of “Rogue Justice: The Making of the Security State”
Phyllis Bennis, author of “Understanding ISIS and the Global War on Terror, A Primer”
Dean Baker, author of “Rigged: How Globalization
and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer”
Lawrence Rosenthal, Executive Director of the Center for Right Wing Studies, UC Berkeley

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