Sunday Show

Sunday Show with Guest Host Christina Aanestad

Christina speaks with Starhawk, activist, feminist, a founder of the goddess centered pagan community “Reclaiming” and co/author of 13 books including “Dreaming the Dark,” “The Spiral Dance” and “The Fifth Sacred Thing.”  She holds Earth Activists Trainings rooted in permaculture in Sonoma County, California.  She will be speaking at a fundraiser for EAT November 1, 2017 at Solstice Grove 550 Nicasio Valley Rd., Nicasio, California.  More info at  and

In the second hour we discussed universal basic income with two guests: Nell Abernathy is VP of Research and Policy at the  Roosevelt Institute, which has released 2 reports on the feasibility of a universal basic income in the U.S.  Nell focuses on U.S. economic issues, including financial regulation and the gig economy.  Sandhya Anantharaman is a Co-Director of the Universal Income Project, a California advocacy organization devoted to the expansion of economic security and human dignity through the implementation of a universal basic income. She is also the Data Scientist at Color of Change, the nation’s largest racial justice organization. More information at

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