Sunday Show

Sunday Show – February 28, 2016

In the first hour Capitalism, the history of ideas and social forces that have shaped the capitalist world. In the second hour Robert Reich, author of “Saving Capitalism: For the Many Not the Few”.

  • Legion

    The Chinses historian is not honest or misguided. It is NOT that Chonese could not wear cotton or wool–or that the climate wasn’t suitable–that is abosulte BULL! China has a temperate climate in most places–from Kunming to Manchuria. It gets cold in China. Even sub tropical areas like Nanchang and Wuhan–the the devil’s oven. Spring and fall are perfect for cotton and wool and silk is not suitable–in fact silk is ridiculous. In the winters this devils oven is cold–i lived there for five years and froze my butt off every day and night. THey have no heat. in the south. Wool was handy indeed. and th thing about wool is is it is cool inn warm weather and warm in cold weather.

    NO. The reason –the historian is disingenuous as many Chinese are when referring to history–the reason is they are and were extremely ethnocentric–prejudiced and racist–they are the middle kingdom and foreigners were considered demons–they considered themselves superior to us and they would not deal with animals as they saw us–a racism born of an inferiority complex that they still have. Today, cotton is typical inn china so it is not that cotton is unsuitable for the climate–BS!–and wool sweaters are worn heree too. I wear them all the ime and they make me more comfortable than I would otherwise be. wool is a magic material. Chinese always deny there racism and accuse others of racism. We inn the west fail to criticize other countries fairly –idealize asia –and assume the west is all bad. I am the biggest critic of western culture, but be honest. The truth is the westerners were treated very badly because of this racism and ego hurt, insulted, they forced china to open. It might have been avoided with more diplomatic, respectable treatment and compromise–but in my experience–Chinese WILL NOT compromise–ever. They lose face if they compromise. So discourse is difficult. harmony is difficult. they respect obedience and conformity.

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