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Robert Scheer and all about Mission High School

In the first hour The Great Debate with Robert Scheer, editor of, author of “They Know Everything About You: How Data-Collecting Corporations and Snooping Government Agencies Are Destroying Democracy”. In the second hour Kristina Rizga author of “Mission High: One School, How Experts Tried to Fail It, and the Students and Teachers Who Made It Triumph”.

32 responses to “Robert Scheer and all about Mission High School

  1. Having tuned in I have to buy Ms. Kristina Rizga’s book on Mission High, Mission High: One School, How Experts Tried to Fail It, and the Students and Teachers Who Made It Triumph. This is a wonderful example of how test scores are not the final word and so many other outcomes for students at Mission High demonstrate that classifying a school by its standardized test score alone is a very bad policy.

  2. Now is the time to vote Green. trump will divide the GOP as will the tea bags. Clinton has divided the democratic party–she will get the mainstream woman vote and much of the teachers union–blaahhh! Jill stein against hill Clinton–two women. The Green party is essentially socialist–sharing Bernie’s policies–only Jill stein is far more progressive and “socialist” the green party is more socialist than socialists. and at the same time could appeal to rational republicans (conversationalists and nature lovers and practical people such as techies who know green tek is the future) and with a strong grassroots campaign with the medias help–KPFA–Dr. Jill stein could gain support from a huge proportion of swing voters and progressives who re-think their thinking. Jill could win–this is the chance for Greens–who really are all of us–so are we all!

    Alternatively, Bernie beats Clinton–and its Bernie as a false-democrat living a lie–who must –MUST conform to his party against Jill Stein who runs on her convictions.

    Either way–if BS wins–if he really believed in what he is saying he would bring Jill stein on board as VP–legitimizing the greens for all time! If Jill wins she could bring on BS as VP and we legitimize socialism. Californians need to make a HUGE stink about the fascist participation policies in your state-and that will bring the Greens to the forefront on the world stage. KPFA is essential. But I still sense a united front on Bernie at KPFA (and in Phillips’ voice). ironic–seeing BS hates Palestinians!

    Jill stein–first woman VP or first woman President. Socialist win. Greens win. Justice Party wins. Freedom party wins. Progressives win. LABOR wins! Teachers win! Dems win. Democracy wins. Earth wins! America wins!

    Think big think different. Now is the time. Stop making excuses. Get behing d it and its not a fantasy.

    1. Please STFU. You have no idea what you are talking about. Your negative ranting is counterproductive. You might as well be taking money from the Koch Brothers to destroy progressive movements. We operate in the political reality that we have in this country at the present time not in some Green allusion. You are just an excuse to do nothing but rant about how bad everything appears. Ohhh…BuuHuu. Grow up! Bernie Sanders 2016.

      1. Good way to start a productive conversation by telling people who disagree with you to shut up. or anyoen who disagrees with your madness–is ranting–so republican. thats the thing about BS supporters–no differtn than tea baggers. you have hijacked the progressive wing of america and defiled it. counterproductive? . guess what. i dont support your BS. you are counterproductive. raging against anyone with criticism. not very democratic. fuck you crotch pong. you are profoundly ignorant. no one wants to vote for a guy with fanatical, UN-critical, passive aggressive, aggressive sheep followers. you are destroying his reputation, you represent him. i would consider a BS vote if it weren’t for all his maniacal self-righteous bloviating followers–you make him look bad. you do the man a huge injustice. try starting a conversation with respect and manners and you might get reasonable discourse. instead you being –shut the fuck up

      2. you dont stand for what you believe then. your political reality is fascism and you are quite aggressive. fascist left fascist right. why is my choice a throw away and your choice–alll mighty–is productive? hmm. fascist much. id you stiopped throwing away votes aon a Palestinaina hater and voted for your real convictions –like the greens then we wouldnt be having this conversation–you can say that about any candidate. you are taking away votes from the green party. you are voting democrat–what a loser. you might as well be voting republican. its the same. BS is not sayig anything obama didnt say. you peopel ar eon a treadmill and you cant even see it. blowhards. anyone that disagrees has a republican agenda, or is ranting–you sound like republicans.

  3. I would Love to hear Obama endorse JIll Stein and the Green Party on his way out. I believe Obama knows the Dems are corrupted.

    1. The Green Party is a throw away vote or a half vote of the Republinuts. I’m working and voting for Bernie Sanders. If you can’t be positive about a really good candidate then stop your negative and cynical ranting. People out here are trying to bring about real change. Your negativity sounds like a right wing rant.

    1. Bernie Sanders is a good candidate and our only option. Not perfect but nothing in this reality is perfect. Negative ranting is an excuse to do nothing. If you just want to stand on the sidelines and let Sander’s supporters make the changes we need to survive this Oligarchy, then sit down and shut up. Negativity is just another form of violence.

          1. good comment. you’re smart and have so much to offer the world.

  4. Phillip you did a great job analyzing the GOP debate–you highlighted things I didn’t hear anywhere else–I couldn’t watch being that I lie abroad. You are absolutely right –it is atrocious, absurd and criminal–a violation of the Constitution- and a barbaric distortion of democracy for politicians and representatives to focus on religion–and to ask such a question “what god think or what does god say to you–it is theater and and disgusting–very scary. I cringe too. Its like we are living in biblical time. next the GOP will say turn you brother and slaughter the first born! and of course they will be non-white. I think your guest was right about the Pope though–seems to me this is an opportunity for a Green candidate to embrace the Pope (as a leader, not a holy figure)

  5. you caller from Brooklyn is absolutely wrong and naive. Trump and all of the dems and repubs are fascist–fascism is not just rounding up dissidents and unwanted–that is a potential outcome of fascism and will happened if unmitigated. also, they do these things in many ways–we have more people in prison than anywhere in the world–most nonwhite. AIPAC shuts down any dissent. The media shut down all dissent. black lives are being murdered daily. and on an on–mass graves at the border…pleaase–Brooklyn you are a fool.

    1. You have no idea what it is like to live under fascism. None. If fascism was here now you would be in jail for writing your rants. You just make stuff up and you are a negative and cynical person who uses it as an excuse to do nothing but bitch. You must be very unhappy. Go take a walk in the forest and sit by a river for a while. Try to get in contact with your better self. I am sorry for your suffering but we don’t have time for negative and destructive rants .
      Bernie Sanders 2016.

      1. this is fascism idiot. clealry you ar enot black or hispanic or muslim. you are profoundly ignorant of america and the wolrd. we a re a police state. are you hihg? are you in such racist fascit denial you cant see it. you are brainwashed. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AS WE SPEAK REDNECK BROWNSHIT PARAMILITARY IS PATROLLING THE STREETS OF FERGUSON THREATENING BLACK CITIZENS AND THE POLICE DO NOTHING, THE GOV SAY NOTHING–THEY TURN THEIR BACK. FASCISM IS THE MARRIAGE OF CORPORATIONS, WEALTHY ELITE, AND MANUFACTURED CONSENT. WE HAVE MORE PEOPLE INCARCERATED–OF COLOR–THAN ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. AND POLICE MURDER AT WILL AND ARE NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE. POLICE ARE GIVEN ORDERS TO HARASS BLACK PEOPLE–I KNOW FIRST HAND! POLICE HAVE MILITARY GRADE WEAPONS AND consist of war vets–born in th efire of murder and death–racists wh ohave no problem killing in the name of god and country! we are fascists! and we are discriminating and racist wea are persecution millions of people in america and millions more around the world. and more violence and injustice is coming. what do you think will happen when black lives rise. so called” oathkeepers” –brownshits are in ferguson now terrorizing and its oka. just okay. people like trump and scot walker are heroes. you are fascist. you media is a pack of lies. wake up. you are profoundly ignorant and no nothing about fascism. bible thumpers rule the public stage. and terorize without accountability. a nation with more than half its people who dont believe in science, evolution, or democracy. bible thumping ISIS-like terrorists ask anyone on the other end. you walk itno move theatres and schools and murder children en masse and you are not held accountable. you shake your guns at the victims and cry anout bibles and god and guns. you are scary scary horrible human beings. but the popele and the gov do nothing and its getting worse. america is on the brink of a nazi transformation. guaranteed. as people rise up to protect the environment and black lives and the 99% th epolice thugs–pigs–racist murderers–will get all scared and the paramilitaries–the racist gun nut pychos with bible and flags wil be in the street even more and security will ramp up and police executions will ramp up especially as races unite againt you fascists–and all you guns nuts will take to the streets with your bible and assault weapons killing in the name of christ. sick sick sick

          1. karin lease go bug someone else. stay our of my drawers creepy creeper. if you have something important to say, say it but otherwise bugger off

      2. Please excuse my typos–my keyboard doesn’t work–coffee.

        You are a fool. and rude. take your advice. I’ll say it again AMERICA IS FASCIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wAKE UP!!! NOw, let me school you. Fascism le everything morphs and evolves–it deosnt look exactly th same because we are not the same people living int he same time and place. Now, we have far more advanced technology and persepctive. With this tech, fascists use a very od method of rruling the pebeians–China’s MAo did the same thing–let a thouans flowers bloom–only so i can cut of their hods–pop goes the weazel! There is a cerain sea snake that lies ont hebottom of the ocean allwoing its enemies to take little bites out of it and dos noting, itlies still, an stil the tak more bites…Social netweorking Disqus, facebook–its a databse–ou are volunteering to offer the nSA, the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, the fasicsts all your information. and i will be used agains tyou–if need be. So shut up, poke oyur smart phone play vid games, wath disney marry me a rich man films, and odnt think about having no democracy or black lives–or t eenvronment we pollute–odnt hink about the myriad ways we are persecuting you. just watch dharma and gregg. Meanwhile we are watching you. Thats why i can say thes tins. becuse otherwise i am driven into the dark, the underground and that is scary to them. they know who i am. rest assured, the know what dissident coment s i amke everyday. they know. I cant be certian i am not aon a number of back lists. Corporate pwoer–coprote speech, muder in th estret, incarceration, etc….yes we are fascist by definition, by culture, by policy, by speech, by thought–in every way we are FASCISTS–but the clever trick is–americans are too dumb to realize it–brainwashe for 100-200 years. We are vegetables. empty vessels. morons.

        You must be very privileged. clearly ignorant or in denial. denial is the first sin of a problem..

          1. yeah you are an idiot–i am the most progressive person you will ever meet and an avid avid listener at KPFA and one of the few people that ever comment on KPFA or KBOO. Why are you even talking to me? do you have anything to say in response to what I might have said? hmm. yor are YPOU just a troll. go the the f—away!!!

    2. You are dead right. It is all out war on the middle class and the poor (of all colors and religions). The elites are as mentally sick and absurd as was Benito Mussolini and the Nazis. White man’s Fascism. Native Americans know it well! Take a good look at how Benito and the Nazis ended up!! Just Google or YouTube it. Do it!

  6. we are seeing the same thing in Greece–in reference to Mr. Scheer’s analysis of fascism and HItler. The golden dawn is on the rise. unfortunately.

  7. Ms. Rizga was SO on-target! WOW! As a teacher myself for 25 years who fought and failed to stem the tide of NCLB (No Child Left with a Mind), she has assessed the situation(s) with perfect accuracy. Looking forward to that book!

  8. Killery ‘The second coming of Maggie Thatcher The Milk Snatcher’ Clinton is a Manchurian Candidate & Bernie ‘Colonel IsraHell’ Sanders is a Trojan Horse.. BOTH/ALL politricksters are in the pockets of Big Biz & the Zionist Banksters.. BOTH/ALL are tools of the Globalist Corporatist Fascist Ruling Elite Oligarchs.. and the silly Yank plebs are catching the ‘saviour vapours’ all over again, like they did in ’08 & ’12 with Barracks Obomber.. WTF??

    The Scots voted against their OWN Independence?? The Brits voted Tory.. again?? The Greeks got played by Syriza, as the Spaniards will be by Podemos..

    Our advice? VOTE NOTA 2016!

    Chant down Babylon ism & schism!

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