Sunday Show

Sunday Show – August 28, 2016

In the first hour The Campaign from Hell with Jeff Cohen, ( professor of journalism at Ithaca College, founder of the media watch group FAIR, author of “Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures in Corporate Media”, and cofounder of the online action group,
In the second hour “White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America” with author Nancy Isenberg, author of Fallen Founder: The Life of Aaron Burr, and Professor of American History at LSU.

  • Brendan Tnias

    Jeff Cohen’s comments from the outset were anything but FAIR. Such open and frank bias is not rare for KPFA’s Morning Show but have now in this election period apparently dropped any pretense of fairness .
    It is a sad reflection on the destroyed dream of Pacifica radio’s founder whose purpose has been completely eviscerated. Jeff calls others ‘bigoted’ with abandon, and of course he would not be there if not reflecting the host’s views which is fundamentally the left-angled jewish party line. Nevertheless, there is something odd
    to my ear as I have heard and read on the internet the opposite of the assertions Jeff is making. My impression is that Trump is not given fair coverage and the mainstream jewish media is consistently vituperative, virulent and mean spirited against Trump. Ann Coulter, whom Jeff mentions is a lead voice on internet venues for decrying the ‘left’s’ unfair dishonest virulent coverage by mainstream media. The appropriate approach for KPFA in this election coverage and for anyone wrapping themselves in the
    FAIR word is to try to be neutral and drop one’s fierce jewish group self interest and stop the villifying of
    those who hold contrary viewpoints and be a vehicle for accurate information.
    There is a key racist -jewish scheme taht is not mentioned–never mentioned by the controlled media; yes
    KPFA is not fiercely independent, it is a jewish interest medium. One is not supposed to ever mention jewish power and jewish interests as it is politically incorrect. Already both host and guest have raised the ogre of antisemitism which is a capacious category of critics of jewish power but is now mostly defined as someone/something organized jewry especially, but any jew does not like. But back to the vital issue of jewish power in the service of jewish bigotry. There is an article by Dr. Kevin B. MacDonald, evolutionary psychologist, about the struggle of organized jewry from 1888 to 1965 to gain control of the US Immigrant Law and Policy. This article is freely available as a pdf. file on his website and other places online and is about 60pages of fascinating information. It documents the multi generational efforts of jewish organizations efforts to change the US immigration policy to favor jewish interests. In 1965, when WHite Christian people were about 90% of the American population organized jewry got control of the US Immigration law through control over Congress and changed the then current law with one written by a jewish organization and have maintained control of the Immigration Policy ere since. They had Ted Kennedy as the sponsor of their legislation, to put a non-jewish face on it.The new law allowed for only a minimal amount of legal immigrants from the European countries whence the vast majority of Americans’ ancestors came specifically whence the creators of this American nation. The Legal immigration law/policy had favored immigrants from other countries in proportion to their current representation of the population. The jewish created immigration law of 1965 was the reverse of the law it replaced. Under the banner of ‘anti-racist’ the new law allowed proportionately few White people but the vast majority of the immigrants ere since have been non_White and generally non-English speaking. ALso the numbers of Legal Immigrants was greatly increased such that for the last 30 years there have been a million non-White Legal immigrants yearly; and at least that amount of illegal immigrants in that time. In 2008 the US Census Bureau announced that White people in America were slated to be a minority in America no later than 2042 based on White vs. non-White birth rates and that this minoritization of Whites was irreversible! This is what organized jewry accomplished under the mantle of ‘anti-racist’ which is akin to Jeff Cohen cloaking himself in FAIR. The first I heard of this matter of White people scheduled to be a minority in America was on this very same KPFA program in which there was a jubilant party atmosphere celebrating the announcement that White people were now a minority in California. I have since discovered that White people have been the target of organized jewry which includes most all mass media and jews are raised with a particular focus of animosity to the notion of White people; an animosity that rivals jewish long self induced animosity for Christianity. So when Jeff Cohen and the host decry Trump and his supporters as ‘bigoted’ they are really enraged at his position that is contrary to the jewish agenda for
    immigration to reduce White people to a minority as soon as possible; and the actual date for that to occur is likely to be much sooner due to the effectiveness of jewish power and the cohesion of jewry behind the
    programs of organized jewry. This is a long post but because most people are unaware of this matter and
    are therefore unlikely to properly understand the passionate anti-Trump controlled media blitz daily occuring at this point. Also Jeff says that Ann Coulter is a darling of TV and she said in an interview I heard recently that she is effectively barred from TV and her media presence as far as interviews is all on the internet. I would take anything Jeff says with a large dollop of salt as he got it wrong about mass media treatment of Trump and about Coulter being a darling of TV. Also, one other point. Coulter mentioned in a different interview that a rich jewish man in th e mid 1990’s paid the SIERRA Club one hundred million dollars in a quid pro quo secret agreement of that money as a donation if the Sierra Club would stop addressing the issue of Immigration which it was addressing regularly. The Sierra Club leadership accepted the secret agreement and the money and dropped the issue of Immigration on the environment without ever providing any explanation for the change of policy. This matter was revealed in a 2004 [or 2005 L.A. Times article which is findable online. The racial hatred by jewry for White people
    is very important especially as there is now a jewish generated meme of ‘anti-whiteness’ being generated from jewish dominated academia. I believe the work of Theodire W. Allen is the basis for this angle of attack on White people while pretending to be attacking this thing they call whiteness. Another player is Noel Saul Ignatiev who in the late 1990’s created a would-be academic-ish journal called RACE TRAITOR
    in which articles encouraged White people to be race traitors as that would be a service to humanity.
    Ignatiev and Allen are were both communists which is very much still the political agenda of jewry, apparently; and Ignatiev borrows Allen’s anti whiteness and white privilege as targets of propaganda against White European race based people. In April 2016 Portland Community College had a whole month devoted to anti-whiteness! The face of the obviously racial animosity meme was Black people,
    students and a professor carrying this cross of jewish animosity construction. Keep an eye out for anti-whiteness as it is in the testing the waters phase for – I believe – for an anti-White pogrom when WHite people are a sufficiently small and poor minority to be carried out by probably Black proxy agents.

  • Brendan Tnias

    This program is an exercise in pushing and agenda and misinforming listeners aout the reality of the issues and interests involved; deceit and antipathy are unbecoming the once brave alternative that was KPFA.

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