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Sunday Show – August 2, 2015

In the first hour Food and Garden in the California Drought with Wendy Johnson, author of “Gardening at Dragon’s Gate: At Work in the Wild and Cultivated World” co-founder of Green Gulch Farm, for the San Francisco Zen Center. In the second hour Where You Going to Live? with Stephen Menendian, Assistant Director and Director of Research at the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society.

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  1. housing and land should not be subject to capitalist opportunities. all estates, all property should be rent controlled. and based on how one contributes to society. Just because sob is into tech doesn’t mean they should get so much money or so much privileges in and benefits in land/real state–being a techie should not grant you better property or views. teacher should get paid as much as professors and techies. real estate should be a separate currency that anyone can earn by contributing to society–volunteer work, teaching, community service, democratic participation. its shouldn’t matter how much you get paid but what do for society–not individual power or wealth.

    no elections. direct democracy. participating in consensus, referendums, debate–organizing–earns land/housing tokens–those tokens would be the only way to pay rent and purchase property. Not apartment buildings necessarily. houses as we have but but they should be available to anyone who wants if they are participating in direct democracy of the local community. certain properties would still be more expensive but it would require land tokens based on civic duty to purchase. (and yes participating seniors would probably have the better property–they deserve it). No property should be inherited. after death it goes back on the auction block. unless the children can pay twice or thrice the value. (earned by participating in civic duties)

    in this way–kpfa volunteers and journalists would rich. teacher should be rich. organic csa farmers. holistic doctors and nurses that don’t take money from big pharma–would be rich. community organizers and volunteers (non-religious) would be rich, etc…rich with estate tokens that do not expire. all other currency should expire. All property should be rental –initial costs and a small monthly cost or bi-annual cost. those costs go into a land bank and community credit union. property is a right of society of citizens. it should not be privatized. it is a trust that must be rented from the people from local communities. all sprawl should be stopped. build up urban areas with green housing. all rural housing must be green earth ship type housing considering the landscape.

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