Sunday Show

Sunday Show – April 9, 2017

In the first hour “Planned Parenthood Fighting Back” with Beth Parker, Chief Legal Counsel, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. In the second hour The war in Syria with Reese Erlich and Juan Cole.


    Phillip, I was the first caller according to your screener, you had me on hold the whole entire time, I wanted to express my extreme sadness and outrage about the churches bombing in Egypt, which was committed by the bloody cowards terrorists, bogus Muslims. I also was going to express my opinion about Syria, as I strongly believe that Assad had nothing to gain and lot to lose from this extremely unfortunate murderous incident in Syria, I believe that it was false flag operation by terrorists under the order of those in the U S, Israel and elsewhere to divert attention from Donald Trump sinking polls and his horrible policies, as well to get the U S more involved in Syria, I also find it very strange, and may not be coincident to have the U S bombing Syria at the same day Trump meeting the Chinese leaders as the Syrian attack could represent a warning to North Korea and China itself…Very unhappy you did not take my call that was the first one I made over one year…..I will be in the store today from 2PM, may be you could stop by as you did in the past.

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