Sunday Show

Sunday Show – April 2, 2017

In the first hour “Governing 101” with Robert Scheer, editor of
In the second hour “Anxious Democracy: The First Hundred Days of the Trump Presidency” with Lawrence Rosenthal, Executive Director of the Center for Right Wing Studies, UC Berkeley.

  • c_woof

    Bob is blathering. He seems off his meds.
    He keeps making points already made and trying to get across information already known. He’s arguing in his own head and it’s embarrassing to listen to — especially since he won’t let the host say anything. It’s running @ the mouth.
    He keeps putting words in the mouth of the host which the host isn’t saying.
    It’s like someone spiked his coffee w/20 energy drinks.

    • c_woof

      He needs to let the host speak. His points are valid, but the “banter” is hard to listen to.

  • c_woof

    I don’t think both parties were asleep @ the switch — I think they sold out to corps.
    In a way, it’s amazing Ocare is as good as it is considering how they avoided single payer public insurance.

  • lescy

    Bob sounded frantic. I’m really not sure about his points, except I agree with his assessment of Obama. I think he left some important things out or avoided them. I think that the left is getting frantic and they’re going to try to overthrow Trump. The constant drilling of anti-Trump rhetoric (most of which is lies and misrepresentations) is getting into their subconscious and there are the element that may actually try to get in and do the dirty work and assassinate Trump, who is really not at ALL what the left tries to portray him as. Then Heil Hitlary will have her third (third time’s the charm) try at the Presidency. The left has no clue what that will mean. Maxine Waters is a die hard sharia law supporter and almost spits with rage when she talks about Trump. She needs to go. Unfortunately, she probably speaks for much of the left. Too bad if the left has their way. It will mean sharia law and the end of our constitution and everything we have believed in all our lives. So I will fight it as hard as I can.

  • joycelan

    Great program .Loved the larry Summers interjection .Bob wish my local community radio station
    WMNF or WSLR here in Florida could have such a show .This held hostage red state does have some of us that are avid progressives ( a term I find offensive ) .Nader says it well .We desperately need CIVICS.Both in schools and in journalism .It seems necessary .

  • Matt Grantham

    Where are the names of the commenters?

  • Youri

    HAHA! brilliant truthtelling slaying by Robert Scheer. I’m sorry Pacifica and Democracy Now but you have jumped the shark on Russia conspiracy theories and its sad to see you squander your integrity like this. Thank goodness for Robert Scheer, Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, Robert Parry, Mark Ames, Rani Khalek, The Real News, Shadowproof, Counter Punch, and Eva Bartlett and Global Research otherwise truth would be in vegetative state right now. Robert Scheer I just want to hug you brotha haha! thank you for not jumping the shark on Russia conspiracy theories and calling out fellow progressive and those in the ”independent ‘or alternative left media on the bullshit Russia conspiracy theories. Keith Olbermann, The Young Turks, half of the Nation, Mother Jones, and sadly even Democracy Now have completely jumped the shark on not only Russia conspiracy theories which was fake news coming out of the Clinton spindoctors and their allies in the corporate media and deep state but even on Syria much of the press which should know better has been pitiful. That being said I strongly encourage Truthdig to interview Rania Khalek and Eva Bartlett on all things Syria as well as other topics and on Russia an independent journalist who speaks Russia and was based there until Putin’s thugs had him flee a guy by the name Mark Ames should interest you and anyone in the indie-left press that is bothered for some truthtelling and mythbusting.

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