Sing Out

Sing Out – March 11, 2015


“Sing Out” is a showcase of the world’s ever-changing musical realm, hosted since 1989 by Larry Kelp. It was launched in 1974 by David Dunaway, author of the acclaimed Pete Seeger biography, “How Can I Keep from Singing.” The show’s theme song, “A Place in the Choir,” illuminates a disparate group of critters who come together harmoniously through music. The show attempts the same feat with a diverse array of recordings from Classical to the Clash, and live performers who have included Pharoah Sanders, Charles Brown, Iris DeMent, Dar Williams, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, Grupo Raiz, Los Cenzontles, Patricia Barber, Fred Frith, and dozens more.


International women's month continues with
live music by Allegra Thompson & Robin Fischer, and interviews with
cellist Joan Jeanrenaud, plus SF Symphony violinist Nadya Tichman
and her husband, mandocellist John Imholz
Laurie Lewis with T Sisters
One Evening in May
Spruceand Maple
Allegra Thompson and Robin Fischer
I Don't Want to Get Married
live in studio
Allegra and Robin talk about
Working Girl Blues concert at Ashkenaz
Friday March 13
Allegra Thompson and Robin Fischer
"The Yogurt Song" (working title)
live in studio
Kronos Quartet (with Joan Jeanrenaud)
Rhythm-a-ning (Monk)
Monk's Suitwe
Joan Jeanrenaud
intro to "Dead Reckoning"
interview Joan Jeanreneaud
re world premiere of her composition "Dead Reckoning"
at Yearba Buena Center for 44th season of ODC/Dancd
March 19-22
Joan Jeanrenaud
conclusion: "Dead Reckoning"
world premiere, unreleased
Kronos Quartet (with Joan)
Round Midnight
Monk Suite
Sir Colin Davis/Royal Concertgebouw ORch.
Haydn, finale to Symphony 103
Haydn: The London Symphonies
Nadya Tichman
"The Lark Descending
John Imholz: So Far...
SF Symphony (Nadya Tichman soloist0
Lemony Snicket's "The Composer Is Dead"
The Composer Is Dead
Harper Colins
interview: Nadya Tichman and John Imholz
re: Haydn/Handel San Francisco Symphony concerts
Thursday-Saturday, featuring Nadya, plus John Imholz re his new CD
intervew engineered by DEV ROSS
Modern Mandolin Quartet
Inner Voices (with violinist David Balakrishnan)
d'note classics

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